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When Cultures Meet

When different cultures meet— either within a country or between countries—what happens?

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The Road Out: A teacher’s odyssey in poor America Deborah Hicks 371.822 Hic

Living and Dying in Brick City

Sampson Davis 610.92 (Davis)Dav
Dressmaker of Khair Khana Gayle Lemmon Tzemach 958.1 (Sidiqi)Tze
River Town: two years on the Yangtze Peter Hessler 915.138 Hes
Kabul Beauty School Deborah Rodriguez 305.48697 Rod
King Peggy Peggielene Bartels 966.7 (Bartels)Bar
Unorthodox: the scandalous rejection of my Hasidic roots Deborah Feldman 974.71 (Feldman)Fel
Fort of Nine Towers Qais Akbar Omar 958.104 (Omar)Oma
Zeitoun Dave Eggers 976.335(Zeitoun)Egg
Bar Flower: my decadently destructive days and nights as a Tokyo nightclub hostess
Lea Jacobson 362.292(Jacobson) Jac
Tokyo Vice: an American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan Jake Adelstein 364.1095 (Adelstein)Ade

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