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And now for your listening pleasure…Podcasts

A podcast is an online episode, sometimes of a radio or television program, that can be subscribed to or listened to or watched at your leisure. You can use your computer or mobile device. The following is a list of podcasts that are popular or have appeared on “Best of” type lists:

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A twelve-part true-crime story which was a spin-off of NPR’s This American Life.

The Best Show with Tom Scharpling:

A music, call-in and comedy show, formerly hosted by New Jersey station, WFMU.


A directory of NPR podcasts by topic. Here you will find many favorites includingThis American Life, Freakonomics Radio, Radiolab, and Science Friday.

Library of Congress podcasts:


Mystery Show A podcast where Starlee Kine solves mysteries.
Presidential Libraries podcasts:

Presidential Libraries podcasts.

BBC World Service podcasts:


Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner:

The New Yorker magazine podcasts:

TED Talks:

A series of global conferences on “ideas worth spreading” in the areas of technology, entertainment and design.

The World in Words:

A podcast from PRI focused on language.

Free Library of Philadelphia:

Author interviews from the Free Library of Philadelphia.

In Black America:

Podcasts from KUT, a station of the University of Texas at Austin.

Voice of America:

Material of special interest to English Language Learners.

Grammar Girl:

Tips to improve your writing.

Latino USA:

The Librarian is In: From the librarians of the New York Public Library
S-Town S-Town is the new podcast from the creators of Serial and This American Life. It is a complex true Southern tale involving a suspected murder, a suicide, horologists, and hidden treasure. While some have praised the podcast, others have deemed it exploitative of the protagonist.
Slate's monthly audio book club podcast: Talks about books from Slate.
Missing Richard Simmons About fitness guru Richard Simmons' disappearance from the public eye.
The Uncertain Hour: A spinoff from NPR's Marketplace radio program.
The Savvy Psychologist

Help from clinical psychologist Ellen Hendriksen
Welcome to the Night Vale Sci-fi podcasts originating in the Southwest.
News Podcasts  
The Daily Twenty minutes a day, five days a week, from The New York Times
Front Burner Top stories from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Up First Ten minutes each morning from NPR
Post Reports Daily podcast from The Washington Post
Start Here Daily evening news podcast from ABC radio
Pro Rata "Smart brevity" with a business slant
What Next Daily news and analysis from Slate

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