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Heroes Come in Many Forms


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50 children: one ordinary American couple's extraordinary rescue mission into the heart of Nazi Germany Pressman, Steven 940.5318 (Kraus)Pre
They are all my family: a daring rescue in the chaos of Saigon's fall Riordan, John P 959.7043 Rio
In a rocket made of ice: among the children of Wat Opot Gutradt, Gail 363.762 (Gutradt)Gut
Motherland: growing up with the holocaust Goldberg, Rita 940.5318 (Jacobsthal)Gol
Little princes: one man’s promise to bring home the lost children of Nepal Grennan, Connor 362.76 Gre
King Peggy: an American secretary, her royal destiny, and the inspiring story of how she changed an African village Bartels, by Peggielene 966.7 Bar
Wide open world :how volunteering around the globe changed one family's lives forever John Marshall, John 910.41 Mar
Ask me why I hurt: the kids nobody wants and the doctor who heals them Christensen, Randy. 610.92 (Christensen)Chr
Margarita Wednesdays: making a new life by the Mexican sea Rodriguez, Deborah 305.4097 (Rodriguez)Rod
Village of secrets: defying the Nazis in Vichy France Moorehead, Caroline 944.595 Moo
Fetch the devil: the Sierra Diablo murders and Nazi espionage in America Richmond, Clint. 364.1523 Ric
The train to Crystal City: DR's secret prisoner exchange program and America's only family internment camp during World War II Russell, Jan Jarboe. 940.5317 Rus
Mountain to mountain: a journey of adventure and activism for the women of Afghanistan Galpin, Shannon 362.8309 (Galpin)Gal
An invisible thread: the true story of an 11-year-old panhandler, a busy sales executive, and an unlikely meeting with destiny Schroff, Laura. 974.71 Sch
Living and dying in Brick City: an E.R. doctor returns home Davis, Sampson 610.92 Davis
Porcelain thief: searching the Middle Kingdom for buried China Huan Hsu; 951 (Hsu)Hsu
A fifty year silence: love, war, and a ruined house in France Mouillot, Miranda Richmond 940.5318 (Richmond) Ric
The box from Braunau: in search of my father's war Jan Elvin, Jan 940.541273 (Elvin) Elv
A world elsewhere: an American woman in wartime Germany by Sigrid MacRae; 943.086 MacR
American ghost: a family’s haunted past in the desert Southwest Nordhaus, Hannah

978.956 (Nordhaus) Nor

Also avail. in LT.

Where the wind leads: a refugee family's miraculous story of loss, rescue, and redemption Chung, Vin 305.9069 Chu
The Fiddler on Pantico Run: An African Warrior, His White Descendants, A Search for Family Mozingo, Joe 929.2 (Mozingo)Moz

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