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Great Artists

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Gustav Klimt Kransel, Nina 759.36 (Klimt) Kra KLIMT, GUSTAV (1862-1918)  
Rubens : a master in the making Jaffe, David 759.9493 (Rubens) Jaf RUBENS, PETER PAUL (1577-1640)  
Van Dyck : paintings and drawings Lawson, James 759.9493 (Van Dyck) Law VAN DYCK, ANTHONY (1591-1641)  
Constable Clarkson, Jonathan 759.2 (Constable) Con CONSTABLE, JOHN (1776-1837)  
Gainsborough : paintings and drawings .
Hayes, John T 759.2 (Gainsborough) Hay GAINSBOROUGH, THOMAS (1727-1788)  
John Everett Millais
Rosenfeld, Jason 759.2 (Millais) Ros MILLAIS, JOHN EVERETT (1829-1896)  
Reynolds Waterhouse, Ellis Kirkham. 759.2 (Reynolds) Wat REYNOLDS, SIR JOSHUA (1723-1792)  
Turner : his life and works in 500 images Robinson, Michael 759.2 (Turner) Rob TURNER, J.M.W. (1775-1861)  
Boucher Wakefield, David 759.4 (Boucher) Wak BOUCHER  
Georges Braque : a life Danchev, Alex 759.4 (Braque) Dan BRAQUE, GEROGES (1882-1963)  
Cezanne : his life and workds in 500 images Hodge, Susie 759.4 (Cezanne) Hod CEZANNE, PAUL, 1839-1906  
Gustave Courbet   759.4 (Courbet) Gus COURBET, GUSTAVE (1819-1877)  
Jacques Louis David : empire to exile Bordes, Philippe 759.4 (David) Bor DAVID, JEAN-LOUS (1748-1824)  
Edgar Degas : drawings and pastels Degas, Edgar 741.944 (Degas) Deg DEGAS, EDGAR (1834-1917)  
Ingres and the studio : women, painting, history
Betzer, Sarah 759.4 (Ingres) Bet INGRES, JEAN AUGUSTE DOMINIQUE (1780-1867)  
Manet : his life and work in 500 images Rodgers, Nigel. 759.4 (Manet) Rod MANET, EDOUARD (1832-1883)  
Millet Pollock, Griselda 759.4 (Millet) Pol MILLET, JEAN FRANCOIS (1814-1875)  
Monet : his life and works in 500 images Hodge, Susie 759.4 (Monet) Hod MONET, PAUL  
Perspectives on Morisot   759.4 (Morisot) Per MORISOT, BERTHE MARIE PAULINE (1841-1895)  

Camille Pissarro Pissarro,
  Joachim 759.4 Pis PISSARRO, JAOCHIM (1830-1903)  
Poussin and nature : arcadian visions. Rosenberg, Pierre
Rosenberg, Pierre 759.4 (Poussin) Ros POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1594-1665)  
Renoir : his life, art, and letters White, Barbara Ehrlich 759.4 (Renoir) Whi RENOIR, PAUL-AUGUSTE (1841-1919)  
Georges Seurat   759.4 (Seurat) Seu SEURAT, GEORGE (1863-1935)  
Watteau Brookner, Anita 759.4 (Watteau) Bro WATTEAU, JEAN-ANTOINE (1684-1721)  
George Grosz, his life and work Schneede, Uwe M 741.092 (Grosz) Sch GROSZ, GEORGE (1893-1959)  
Hans Holbein the Younger : painter at the court of Henry VIII
Holbein,Hans 759.3 (Holbein) Hol HOLBEIN, HANS THE YOUNGER (1497-1543)  
Fra Angelico Pop Hennessy, John Wyndham 759.5 (Angelico) Pop ANGELICO, FRA (1395-1455)  
Venice : Canaletto and his rivals Beddington, Charles 759.5 (Canaletto) Bed CANALETTO (GIOVANNI ANTONIO CANAL) (1697-1768)  
Caravaggio : the complete works   759.5 (Caravaggio) Car CARAVAGGIO, MICHELANGELO MERISI DA (1573-1610)  

Leonardo da Vinci the complete paintings and drawings

Zöllner, Frank 759.45 (Leonardo) Zol LEONARDO Da VINCI, 1452-1519  
The complete work of Michelangelo   709.2 (Michelangelo) Com MICHELANGELO BUONARATTI (1475-1564)  
Raphael : a passionate life Forcellino, Antonio 759.5 (Raphael) For RAPHAEL (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino) (1483-1520  
Bellini, Titian, and Lotto : North Italian paintings from the Accademia Carrara, Bergamo Bayer, Andrea 759.5 Bay    
Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese : rivals in Renaissance Venice   759.5 Tit    
Frida Kahlo : a modern master Hardin, Terri. 759.972 Har KAHLO, FRIDA (1907-1954)  
Diego Rivera Hamill, Pete 759.972 (Rivera) Ham RIVERA, DIEGO (1886-1957)  
The life and works of Hieronymus Bosch
Copplestone, Trewin 759.9492 (Bosch) Cop BOSCH, HIERONYMUS (1450-1516)  
Bruegel : the complete paintings, drawings and prints
Sellink, Manfred 759.9493 (Bruegel) Sel BRUEGEL, PIETER THE ELDER (1525-1569)  
Frans Hals : eye to eye with Rembrandt, Rubens and Titian
Tummers ,Anna 759.9492 (Hals) Tum HALS, FRANS (1580-1666)  
Mondrian MONDRIAN, PIET Mondrian, Piet 759.9492 Mon (Pieter Cornelis "Piet" Mondriaan) (1872-1944)  
Inventing van Eyck : the remaking of an artist for the modern age
Graham, Jenny 759.9493 (Eyck) Gra VAN EYCK, JAN (1319-1441)  
Van Gogh : the life
Naifeh, Steven W. 759.9492 (Van Gogh) Nai VAN GOGH, VINCENT (1853-1890)  
Vermeer : the complete works Villa, Renzo 759.9492 (Vermeer) Vil VERMEER, JOHANNES (1632-1675)  

Rembrandt : his life and works in 500 images

Ormiston, Rosalind 759.9492 (Rembrandt) Orm VAN RIJN, REMBRANDT (1606-1669)  
Becoming Edvard Munch : influence, anxiety, and myth Clarke, Jay A. 759.9481 (Munch) Cla MUNCH, EDVARD (1863-1944)  
Wassily Kandinsky,: the journey to abstraction Becks Malorny, Ulrike 759.7 (Kandinsky) Bec KANDINSKY, WASSILY (1866-1944)  
Goya Gudiol, Jose   759.6 (Goya) Gui GOYA, FRANCISCO (1746-1848)  
El Greco : life and work: a new history Marias, Fernando 759.6 (El Greco) Mar GRECO (Doménikos Theotokópoulos) 1541-1614)  

Velazquez : his life and works in 500 images

Hodge, Susie 759.6 (Velazquez) Hod VALEZQUEZ, DIEGO (1599-1660)  
The life and works of Klee Doeser, Linda. 759.9494 (Klee) Doe KLEE, PAUL (1879-1940)  
The original watercolor paintings by John James Audubon for The birds of America, reproduced in color Audubon, John James 591.97 Aud AUDUBON, JOHN JAMES (1785-1851)  

Mary Cassatt : a life
Mathews, Nancy Mowll. 759.13 (Cassatt) Mat CASSATT, MARY (1845-1926)  

Portrait : the life of Thomas Eakins .
McFeely, William S 759.13 (Eakins) McF EAKINS, THOMAS (1844-1916)  

Jackson Pollock
Toynton, Evelyn. 759.13 (Pollock) Toy POLLACK, JACKSON (1912-1956)  

Frederic Remington L the American West
Remington, Frederic. 759.13 Rem REMINGTON, FREDERIC (1861-1909)  

Whistler : a life for art's sake
Sutherland, Daniel. 759.13 (Whistler) Sut WHISTLER, JAMES MACNEILL (1834-1903)  
America's old masters : Benjamin West, John Singleton Copley, Charles Willson Peale and Gilbert Stuart .
Flexner, James Thomas 759.13 Fle    

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