Gods and Goddesses in Fiction


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Beutner, Katharine. FICTION Beu
The firebrand : a novel. Bradley, Marion Zimmer FICTION Bra
Ragnarok : the end of the gods. Byatt, A. S. FICTION Bya
Mythic imagination : collected short fiction. Campbell, Joseph. FICTION Cam
The return from Troy. Clarke, Lindsay. PBK Cla (pbk.)
Penelope's daughter.
Corona, Laurel. FICTION Cor
The palace of illusions : a novel. Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee. FICTION Div
The lost sisterhood : a novel. Fortier, Anne. FICTION For
Helen of Troy. George, Margaret. FICTION Geo
Cassandra : a Delphic Woman novel. Greenwood, Kerry. FICTION Gre
Orpheus lost : a novel. Hospital, Janette Turner. FICTION Hos
Ill met by moonlight.
Lackey, Mercedes. FICTION Lac
Five odd honors. Lindskold, Jane M. FICTION Lin
Ransom. Malouf, David.
Dream Angus : the Celtic god of dreams. McCall Smith, Alexander. FICTION McC
Venus envy. McKelden, Shannon. FICTION McK

The song of Achilles.
Miller, Madeline. FICTION Mil
Gods behaving badly : a novel. Phillips, Marie. FICTION Phi
The bull from the sea. Renault, Mary. FICTION Ren
Medea : a Delphic Woman novel. Greenwood, Kerry. MYSTERY Gre
Seymour, Miranda. FICTION Sey
The king must die. Renault, Mary. FICTION Ren
Alexander and Alestria : a novel. Shan, Sa. FICTION Sha
The whispering muse.
Queen of the Amazons. Tarr, Judith. FICTION Tar
Weight. Winterson, Jeanette. FICTION Win
Electra : a Delphic woman novel. Greenwood, Kerry. Collection: LT MYSTERY Gre
A murder in Macedon : a mystery of Alexander the Great.
Doherty, P. C.
A murder in Thebes : a mystery of Alexander the Great. Doherty, P. C.
The lost books of the Odyssey. Mason, Zachary. FICTION Mas
The Tain.   FICTION Tai

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