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Citizen Science

Many hands (and sets of eyes) make light work! Researchers and scientists worldwide have taken to the Web to enlist the aid of people like you to perform simple Internet-based identification and transcription tasks.

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Caterpillars Count A UNC project to measure the seasonal variation, and abundance or arthropods such as caterpillars, beetles and spiders found on the foliage of trees and shrubs.
SciStarter A dashboard to find citizen science projects.

Scientific American: Citizen Science

Explanation of Citizen Science and list of projects
Never Alone Participate in a bug census! Document the anthropods--insects and their kin--that you find iside your house.
Zooniverse: A hub for multiple crowdsourced projects on space, climate, the humanities, nature, biology and physics--many projects to choose from
A project striving to recreate lost world heritage sites, through crowdsourced photographs, and the building of digital restorations with the help of online volunteers like you.

What’s on the menu?
Help the New York Public Library transcribe their huge collection of historical menus
Smithsonian Transcription Center:
Browse and select a work from the Smithsonian Institution’s archives to transcribe
Broodmapper: Identify different stages in honey bee brood development to help discover the health of bee colonies and aid in colony survival
Wikipedia’s list of citizen science projects:
Even more ideas.
Beyond Words Beyond Words: Help the Library of Congress identify and transcribe images in their historical newspaper collection.

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