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Charitable Giving

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It’s a big time for charities to request your donations!  Natural disasters have left devastation behind, there are humanitarian crises around the world, and we’re heading into the last part of the year when many organizations are hoping for end-of-year donations. While some organizations are familiar, established, and near to your heart, others are not so well-known.  How do you tell what’s real and make sure your money is going to where it really will make an impact?  Here’s a list of helpful sites that will provide you the tools you need to donate wisely.

Charity Choices 

A great starting point for any donor.  It lists large and small charities by alphabet and by category, and details their purposes.  It also provides guidelines on how to choose a charity, what to do when a natural disaster hits and the pleas roll in, and even gives information on reading a charity’s tax statement.
The arm of the Better Business Bureau devoted to charities.  Similar to the way the BBB approaches private companies, it reviews and reports charities based on a detailed list of criteria such as the makeup of the charity’s Board, conflicts of interest, effectiveness, and expenses.

Charity Watch 

Rates charities based on where the dollars go and an organizations expenses, lists compensation packages for top-tier CEOs.  Emphasizes that donors use the information as a starting point and not as the sole determining factor for choosing a charity.

New Jersey Division of Consumer Affair Charities Registration Section 

What you need to know about small and large charities and fund-raising organizations in New Jersey.  Includes a list of registered charities and fund-raising companies in the state and their status.

Give Well

An overview of charitable giving analysis. Includes guidelines for charitable giving and support of fundraising efforts, lists of top charities along with an explanation of their evaluation process, and blogs with topics of interest to new and experienced donors.

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