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Zinio is the Westfield Memorial Library's new magazine database. 

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Overdrive Advantage is a special service that the Westfield Library subscribes to that provides additional licenses for ebooks. Thanks to Overdrive Advantage, you have a shorter waittime for ebooks.

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Each kit contains ten paperback copies of the same title, discussion questions, and other resources. You can check out a kit and distribute the books among your book club members. Each member now has a copy of the next book to be discussed without any extra work at all. Convenient and easy!

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The Youth Services Librarians at the Westfield Memorial Library collaborate on a blog, The Westfield Booktalker, featuring our own reviews of young people's books in our collection. Take a look and please comment!

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We have Book Club Kits for parent/child discussion groups, including multiple copies of the same book, with questions and activity. Ask us about these!

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"Making a Good Impressionism"
with Art Educator Michael Norris

How do you paint a passing perception?  Under the shadow of photography and its potential for realism, see how French Impressionist painters created new images quivering with energy and emotion.  Then explore the American painters influenced by this movement through works of art in the Montclair Art Museum, the Princeton University Art Museum, and the Newark Museum.
Michael Norris, Ph.D., a former Museum Educator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, has given lectures for over twenty years in Classical and Medieval Art, areas of his expertise.

Wednesday, May 6, 7:00-8:30 PM


Foreign Film: The Lunchbox

A mistaken delivery in Mumbai's famously efficient lunchbox delivery system connects Ila, a neglected housewife, to Saajan (Irrfan Khan), a lonely man on the verge of retirement. Through a series of exchanged notes that they pass back and forth through the lunches, Saajan and Ila find comfort in their unexpected friendship. Gradually, their notes become little confessions about their loneliness, memories, regrets, fears, and even small joys. They each discover a new sense of self and find an anchor to hold on to in the big city of Mumbai that so often crushes hopes and dreams. Still strangers physically, Ila and Saajan become lost in their virtual relationship that could jeopardize both their realities. (amazon)

Monday, May 11, 2:00-4:00 PM

Monday, May 11, 6:30-8:30 PM


A Touch of Sinatra

It's always a good time for music! A Touch of Sinatra is a musical show about the life and music of Frank Sinatra, from his birth in Hoboken to his death in LA. It is narrated by Joe Gilligan and performed by Donnie Farraro. You will be entertained with the story of the life of Frank Sinatra, the songs that made him one of the most renowned singers of the 20th century, and funny stories.

Wednesday, March 13, 7:00-8:30 PM


Computer Classes

Classes are taught on a variety of topics and for users of all abilities. Classes are free and taught on library-provided laptops.

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Afternoon 4's and 5's Storytime

Stories, crafts and fun! 

Parent or caregiver attends with child. 

Tuesday, April 28, 1:00-1:30 PM

Time for 3's Storytime

Stories, songs, rhymes and more.

Parent or caregiver attends with child. 

Wednesday, April 29, 10:30-11:00 AM

2's on Thursdays Storytime

Stories, songs, finger-plays and movement activities.

Parent or caregiver attends with child. 

Thursday, April 30, 10:30-11:00 AM

Monday - Thursday, 9:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Friday 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
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